University at Sea
July 12-24, 2003 - Marion Dufresne R/V

From July 12th to 24th, 2003, 30 students from the universities of Brest and Bordeaux (France) and from Purdue University (USA) embarked on a 12-day oceanographic cruise on the research vessel Marion Dufresne, operated by the French Polar Institute (IPEV).

The University at Sea was an opportunity for these students to get high-level training in marine geology and geophysics in the framework of an actual research cruise. The research was dedicated to paleoclimatology, sedimentology, and paleoseismicity. The scientific team included scientists from France, Spain, Portugal, Wales, and Germany.

Classes took places from 8 to 11 AM everyday, taught by the scientists on board. In addition, students were integrated in the scientific teams and were on duty during one 4-hour shift per day. During their shift, they participated in the exploitation of the cores, from their recovery, cutting, opening, archiving, all the way to their physical parameter measurements and description.

Students were also in charge of writing the contents of this web site, we hope that you will enjoy it!

E. Calais,
Purdue University
J. Deverchère,
University of Bretagne Occidentale
J.P. Peypouquet,
University of Bordeaux